APIs steps are colored dark blue. They are used to deploy an API endpoint as part of Workflow so that the results from models can be exposed to an end user.

Endpoints can be deployed automatically according to conditional parameters that can be added as metrics during configuration. Alternatively, APIs can be deployed manually after user validation.

Endpoints can be automatically scaled according to the expected transactions against the service.


Selecting an APIs step

When creating or editing a Workflow, click the 'Plus' icon and choose APIs.

Step Configuration

Step Name

  • Only alphanumeric characters and hyphens are allowed.
  • No spaces are allowed.
  • Up to 50 characters can be entered.
  • It must start and end with a letter.

Model dropdown

Select the application step that defines the trained model (solution version) that you want to deploy.

For more information, see Workflows - Application Step.

Deployment Type - Automatic

The default Deployment Type is Automatic.

If Automatic is selected, the API will deploy the latest trained model (solution version) providing that any specified deployment metric rules are met. These are defined in the + ADD METRIC option (see below).

If the deployment metric rules are not met:

  • The API will continue on the last successfully deployed solution version.
  • On the Workflow listing page, the system will show the last workflow run status as ‘latest deployment failed’. 
If your deployment has failed, check the deployment metrics that you have specified.


From here you can add rules that will define which version of your model is deployed.

Adding more rules

To add more metrics, click ADD.

If you define more than one metric rule, the system will consider it to be AND join, and not OR join.

All of the rules must be true or the system will reject the new trained solution version and continue with the last solution version.

For more information about specifying metrics for your application, refer to: Deploying an endpoint - Amazon Personalize

Deployment Type - Manual

The default Deployment Type is Automatic.

With Manual deployment, you can choose a specific solution version to deploy.

The Solution Versions drop-down shows all of the different versions of the selected model.

Manual deployments will bypass all metric rules.

Minimum TPS Required

Transactions per second (TPS) is the throughput and unit of billing for Amazon Personalize.

From here you can define the minimum expected TPS so that you can manage both the fluctuating traffic and the cost.


This lists all of the other steps within the workflow.

Select any steps that must be successfully run before this step can run.

Advanced Configuration (Optional)

From here you can define optional advanced configuration options for your API endpoint: