Application block steps are colored red. They are used to configure the model training parameters for specific application blocks.

This step enables you to:

  • Specify the model / recipe that you want to train
  • Use optional hyper parameter optimization (HPO)
  • Specify the frequency at which model training takes place
  • Define hyperparameters that are used to optimize the model before training begin


Selecting an Application Block Step

When creating or editing a Workflow, click the 'Plus' icon and choose Application Block.

Step Configuration

Complete the fields and click SAVE:

Step Name

Enter the step name here.

Only alphanumeric characters and hyphens are allowed.

The name must start and end with a letter.

Input dataset group

This is a list of input data step groups that have been created in the workflow that can be used for training models.

Once selected, the system puts that data input step as a dependency and it will not be possible to remove it.