A Workspace is a virtual environment that enables a user to write and develop applications. They are often referred to as an integrated development environment (IDE).

This article introduces you to the different types of Workspaces that are available on Peak.

For information on what's possible with Workspaces, see What can be created in Workspaces?


What types of Workspaces can I create on Peak?

Peak has two primary types of Workspace:

  • Jupyter

  • Rstudio

The main difference between them is the coding language they support.

Jupyter Workspaces

Jupyter Workspaces enable you to create many different IDEs to program in Python.

Currently, Peak Jupyter Workspaces support:

RStudio Workspaces

RStudio is the most popular and well-supported IDE for programming in R. 

If you would like to code in R, use an RStudio Workspace.

In October 2022, RStudio will become Posit.

Workspaces interface

To get to the screens, go to Factory > Workspaces.

The interface enables you to manage and control all of the Workspaces that are available to your organization and create new ones.

Additional features

  • Directory environment to manage files

  • Editor for writing code

  • Console for running code

  • Terminal for interacting with the environment and also with GitHub

  • Dashboard for managing users and the size of the instance