Peak Workspaces are segregated by tenant which means that you can only work on a single tenant at a time.  This helps to ensure the security of data and code.

This article describes how to find your Workspace ID and password, start a workspace running and then log in to your workspace user account.


Before you start

You will need: 

  • An available workspace that is running.
  • To be a user on the tenant where the workspace runs
  • To be a user on the workspace that you want to access
  • Your workspace ID and workspace password (see below)

Users can only be added by tenant admins.

Finding your Workspace ID and Workspace password

Your Workspace ID and Workspace Password are used to log in to any workspaces in the tenant that you are an active user of. They are displayed in the Profile area of your account. 

To find them:

  1. From the top-right corner of the Peak interface, click your Profile Icon.
  2. Click Profile.
    The Profile Info tab appears.
  3. Make a note of your Workspace ID.
  4. Copy your Workspace Password by clicking the Copy icon.

Signing in to a Workspace

You can get to the Workspaces screen via the following routes:

  • Home > Quick Links
  • Models > Workspaces

The Workspaces screen

If your tenant has some available Workspaces, they will be listed here.

If your tenant does not have any Workspaces configured, contact your tenant administrator or Customer Success Manager (CSM). 
Alternatively, if you are a tenant administrator, see Creating Workspaces.
  1. Find the required workspace and click the Start icon.
  2. Wait for the workspace to start running.
  3. Launch the workspace by clicking the Launch icon next to its name, or by opening its dashboard and clicking the Launch icon there.
    A new browser tab opens with a sign in page either for Jupyter or RStudio, depending on the type of workspace that is running.
  4. Enter your Workspace ID and copied Workspace Password.
    See Finding your Workspace ID and Workspace password (above).
  5. Click Sign in.
    Your Jupyter or RStudio workspace loads ready for you to do some data science!