Peak Workflows enable you to automate routine tasks.


What are Workflows?

Workflows are a core function within Peak. They are used to automate routine data processing tasks. These can include:

  • Transforming ingested data
  • Retraining models
  • Providing outputs

Workflow steps

Workflows are created by defining a series of steps which are then shown as a flowchart. 

All workflows start with a trigger event and then comprise a series of one or more of the following step types:

  • Input Data
    Prepare your data ready to use in an application block, for example Amazon Personalize.
  • SQL Query
    Run SQL queries that you have created and saved using SQL Explorer.
  • Standard Step
    Trigger the scripts that make up your models.
  • Application Block
    Configure the model training parameters for specific application blocks.
  • API Deployment
    Deploy an API endpoint as part of workflow so that the results from specific models can be exposed.
  • Export Data
    Export the results of a model either to a table in the tenant’s data lake or as a file that can be downloaded.

Getting started

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