1. Sign in to your AWS Management Console as an IAM user or root user.
    For more information, refer to the AWS IAM User Guide:Signing in to the AWS Management Console as an IAM user or root user

  2. From the AWS IAM Dashboard, create a new role:

  3. For the Role Type, select Another AWS account.

  4. Enter the Peak AWS account ID (794236216820).
    This means that you are granting Peak access to your AWS resources mentioned in the policy.
    Make sure you leave Require MFA disabled and Require external ID empty.

  5. Click Next: Permissions.
    If you’ve already created the policy, search for it on this page, select it and go to step 12.
    If you haven’t already created the policy, click Create Policy. A new window opens…

  6. Select the JSON tab.
  7. Paste the Peak IAM Policy in the text box.

  8. Click Review policy.
  9. Give the policy an appropriate name and description.

  10. Click Create policy and close the window.

  11. From the Create role window, refresh the list of policies and select the new Peak policy.

  12. Click Next: Review.

  13. Give the role an appropriate name and description.

  14. Click Create Role.

  15. Search and select the role you created from the IAM role console and copy the Role ARN from the Summary.

  16. Provide the copied Role ARN to Peak.