What is Console?

Console is an area of Peak that helps you to manage platform users and authentications.

What can you do in Console?

Different functions will be available depending on the level of access you have to Peak:

  • Users and roles (admins only)

  • Authentications (admins only)

  • Access tokens

Users and roles

These functions enable platform administrators to add and edit user accounts for your Peak organization.


These functions enable platform administrators to view and manage authentication services for your Peak organization. Peak can authenticate users via any of the following methods:

  • Email

  • Google SSO

  • Microsoft SSO

  • SAML

Access Tokens

Access tokens are used to authenticate a system or system user when attempting to communicate with another system.

This area of Console enables you to add and view API keys, application tokens and external credentials for your Peak organization.

The following tokens can be configured from Console:

API Keys

API keys acts as a unique identifier for your Peak organization so that it can execute data operations. The API key also acts as an authorization token, which is required to carry out multiple processes such as data ingestion and data export.

Application Tokens

These are security tokens that allow platform users or external applications to execute data operations on the Peak.

External Credentials

These are secrets/tokens that can be used within the Peak so that external systems, such as code repositories, can be accessed.