Further information:

  • For details on the different data warehouse onboarding options, see Data Bridge
  • For details of the different data sources Peak can connect to, see Data Sources

How are data feeds configured?

Feeds are configured from Dock > Data Sources.

Once you have chosen a data source, Peak guides you through a configuration process comprising the following stages:

  • Connection
    This is used to specify exactly where the data source is located and any credentials that will be required to access it, for example host names, usernames and passwords.

  • Import Configuration
    This is used when configuring feeds from a database or application. It enables you to select specific database tables or data that will be ingested by the feed.

  • Destination
    The destinations available will depend on the data warehouse you use. For example, Redshift users would see Redshift and S3 as options, while users of Snowflake will see Snowflake only.

  • Trigger
    Data feeds can be triggered to ingest data in several different ways:

    • Schedule
      The feed runs at a user-specified interval (for example, every x days or hours)

    • Run once
      The feed will only run when the user presses ‘run’.

    • Webhook
      The feed is triggered to run from an API call using a Webhook URL.

To find out more about this process, see How to create a feed for a file.